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Just as you and I need to eat a healthy, balanced diet every day, so do the cows have a significant need for a nutritious diet.


We put out fresh feed to our cows twice a day, but it is important that our cows have access to feed 24 hours a day.  This allows them to rest when they want, drink as much water as they want and eat as they please.  Our goal is to feed a total mixed ration (TMR) so that whenever they take a bite, they are getting a perfect blend of vitamins, minerals and protein in a perfectly configured blend of feed ingredients.  These ingredients include:  Alfalfa hay, corn silage, whole cottonseed, corn gluten pellets or dried distillers grain, soybean meal, corn and a custom mineral mix.


When we added robotic milkers, the cows are now being fed the majority of the energy components of the ration while being milked in the form of pellets. We are proud to have our robotic pellets being custom made by Producer's Cooperative of Girard, Kansas! Our custom mineral mix comes from Hubbard Feeds!


We also started having a herd nutritionist to help make sure our ration is balanced! In other words, our cows have their own dietician! They have a healthier diet than most people!!